Friday, September 28, 2007


Mi dicono che le erezioni di certi uomini scaturiscono da giochi per conigli spastici.
Superficialità o demenza?
Io dico entrambe le cose.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Quando gela il sangue, e fuori c'è la neve, l'occhiuto assiolo veglia sulla pieve.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Friday, September 14, 2007

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Fur die Deutschen, die Swedin, die Irlanderin, die Ungarin, die Spanierinnen: Versprechen macht Schulden.
A promise is a promise, dear Gasinska.

For you girls, the first English "bites" of Mangiami l'anima e poi sputala.
See you soon in Berlin.

The asphalt burns under the strokes of a high sun. I can smell its sharp odour while I
batch out my red Corvette along the dry country-side.
Nothing happens.
I plunge my foot into the accelerator. The hot wind is pitiless with my red and yellow
dyed hair.
Nothing happens.
I fly. At least I think.
The hot wind clings to my neck and starts sucking air from my lungs.
I look at my face in the rear-view mirror and the smile, marked only on the left side of my mouth, rises up like the top of a diamond.
The air bustles into my nostrils. And I choke.
I slow down. Hot and crackling motor. I stop at the Gas Station.
"We need gas" I tell Spanky.
I wink at the rear-view mirror.
I grasp the patrol pump and I put it into the sex of my Corvette.
Bent on my car, I hold the patrol pump in my both hands.
I push my feet on the ground to keep my balance. My biceps pull till
the liquid wears out its pressure, disappearing.
I turn the plug in the patrol tank. Some liquid seeps into my stained chocolate skin.
I rub my fingers on my worn out jeans.
My big toe is itching. So I hold it and start a giddy scratch.
I stop only when the graze skin comes off, leaving a trail of red blood.
The motor screams. Once again on the road.
From the sunglasses I see everything is around.
Green fields, green countryside, green bushes gasping up.
I am going to this monastery.
I am going to steal the cross of Saint Damian.
I want to see the face of Jesus Christ talking to me.